So, you’ve had your home inspected that you are selling, and your buyer’s inspector found some serious issues with your home, now what? Are you obligated to take care of all these items on the report? Well, the short answer is no, a Home Inspection in no way obligates you to take any kind of action. A Home Inspection is just that – a simple inspection for defects in your home, and it carries no legal responsibility to make repairs.

However, what you do with your report depends on your preferences. If you are selling your home and the buyer is ok with fixing all of the issues themselves, then you can just sell the home “as-is” as long as it is clearly outlined in the contract. Sometimes a buyer will be happy to buy a home at a slightly lower price with known defects.

In other cases, it would be in your best interest to care for the defects before you start communicating with the buyer to make sure that you get the best price possible. It is definitely a good idea to get a few estimates to help you decide whether the cost and delay are worth it for you in this deal.

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