How much did you spend on all the appliances in your home? Maybe your home came complete with all appliances already installed, but still, they represent a major investment.

Of course, you would like to get as much use out of them as possible, and to ensure that, you should care for them properly.

One common mistake that shortens the lifespan of an appliance is to not allow it enough room to breathe. For most appliances, proper ventilation is a must, otherwise, they will overheat, which will seriously impact their lifespan. If your appliance has a vent, it most likely also has a filter. This should be replaced at regular intervals, since a dirty filter will affect the airflow.

Some appliances also need to be on a level surface. In some homes, this might be a little difficult to accomplish, but many times, appliances come with adjustable feet making it easier. Sometimes, you might need to move the appliance to a new location to be able to get it level.

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